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Chairside relining made simple

Tokuyama Chairside Denture Reline Materials

The days of sending your denture relines to the lab are over. With Tokuyama Sofreliner and Rebase II, quality chairside relines are as easy as they are affordable. Our high-quality reline materials offer long-lasting comfort, strong adhesion, and minimal taste and odor to help boost patient satisfaction and revenue in your practice. And with a solution for both soft and hard relines, there’s an option to suit all of your patients.

Sofreliner Tough

Our award-winning Sofreliner takes away the barriers faced by traditional chairside relines by offering a highly durable yet highly comfortable soft reline material.

  • Shore A hardness (Soft = 24, Medium = 43)
  • Does not degrade over time, reducing odor and bacteria build-up
  • Excellent durability (up to 18 months for S, up to 24 months for M)

Rebase II — Hard Chairside Denture Reline

After more than 25 years on the market, our hard denture-reline material still wins rave reviews for its outstanding polishability and improved handling.

  • Lasts up to five years
  • Methyl methacrylate-free to deliver very low heat generation for in-mouth curing
  • Minimal taste and odor

More about Tokuyama Chairside Reline Materials

Watch as Dr. Michael Miyasaki of Professional Key Opinion Leaders reviews Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough and Rebase II.


Dentists everywhere are turning to chairside relines for a better patient and clinician experience, improved materials, more control, saved time and money, and increased revenue.

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How many denture relines do you do in a year?

Average price of doing chairside denture relines with Tokuyama:

  • $50.00 to soft reline a denture
  • $5.00 to hard reline a denture

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